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  Section: Biotechnology Methods » Tissue Culture Techniques
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Uses of Plant Tissue Culture

Tissue Culture Techniques
  Tissue Culture Methods
  Plant Tissue Culture
  Plant Tissue Culture (Cont.)
  Many Dimensions of Plant Tissue Culture Research
  What is Plant Tissue Culture?
  Uses of Plant Tissue Culture
  Plant Tissue Culture demonstration by Using Somaclonal Variation to Select for Disease Resistance
  Demonstration of Tissue Culture for Teaching
  Preparation of Plant Tissue Culture Media
  Plant Tissue Culture Media
  Preparation of Protoplasts
  Protoplast Isolation, Culture, and Fusion
  Agrobacterium Culture and Agrobacterium — Mediated transformation
  Isolation of Chloroplasts from Spinach Leaves
  Preparation of Plant DNA using
  Suspension Culture and Production of Secondary Metabolites
  Protocols for Plant Tissue Culture
  Sterile Methods in Plant Tissue Culture
  Media for Plant Tissue Culture
  Safety in Plant Tissue Culture
  Preparation of Media for Animal Cell Culture
  Aseptic Technique
  Culture and Maintenance of Cell Lines
  Trypsinizing and Subculturing Cells from a Monolayer
  Cellular Biology Techniques
  In Vitro Methods
  Human Cell Culture Methods

Plant tissue culture now has direct commercial applications, as well as value in basic research into cell biology, genetics, and biochemistry. The techniques include culture of cells, anthers, ovules, and embryos on experimental to industrial scales, protoplast isolation and fusion, cell selection, and meristem and bud culture. Applications include:

  • micropropagation using meristem and shoot culture to
  • Callus cultures derived from onions.
    Figure 2 Callus cultures derived from onions.
  • produce large numbers of identical individuals
  • screening programs of cells, rather than plants for advantageous characters large-scale growth of plant cells in liquid culture as a source of secondary products
  • crossing distantly related species by protoplast fusion and regeneration of the novel hybrid
  • production of dihaploid plants from haploid cultures to achieve homozygous lines more rapidly in breeding programs
  • as a tissue for transformation, followed by either short-term testing of genetic constructs or regeneration of transgenic plants removal of viruses by propagation from meristematic tissues.

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