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  Section: Agriculture Biotechnology » Commercial developments with transgenic potato
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Commercial developments with transgenic potato


Commercial developments with transgenic potato
» Markets and challenges
» Global initiative on late blight (GiLB)
» Potato breeding and a role for GM technology
» Potato transformation
» Somaclonal variation
» Commercial applications of GM potato crops
» Insect-resistant potato: NewLeafTM
» Virus-resistant potato: NewLeafTM Plus and NewLeafTM Y
» Transferring virus resistance technology to developing countries
» Potential risks associated with transgenic virus resistance
» Herbicide resistance: NewLeafTM Roundup Ready
» Quality traits: NewLeafTM anti-bruise potatoes
» NewLeafTM Ultra
» Benefit estimates from potato agricultural biotechnology
» Current and future potential for GM potato
» Antinutritional and nutritional compounds
» Food processing and industrial uses
» Pharmaceutical uses
» Revised legislation on GM crops in Europe
» The future
» Additional reading
» Acknowledgements
» References


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