Genetics : An Overview
Genetics : A study of heredity and variation
Sexuality : A source of hereditary variation
Ideas on heredity : A brief history
Ideas of Hippocrates and Aristotle
Preformation and epigenesist
Pangenes and acquired characters
Germplasm theory
Scope and significance of genetics
Transmission genetics or classical genetics
Behavioural genetics
Developmental genetics
Forward genetics vs. reverse genetics

When two genotypes produce the same phenotype due to different environments, one is called the phenocopy of the other, because they differ genotypically. For instance, in Drosophila melanogaster, normal body colour is brown and hereditary variant has yellow colour. It was observed that brown and yellow flies reproduce sincerely, irrespective of changes in the environment, because the genotypes differ in the two cases. Cases are however, known where normal larvae, when raised on food containing silver salts, develop into normal flies. This is a phenocopy of yellow mutant, but would give rise to brown flies in the normal environment.