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  Section: Principles of Horticulture » A Glimpse of Horticulture
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A Glimpse of Horticulture
  The nature of horticulture
  The plant
  Outdoor food production
  Vegetable production
  Fruit production
  Service horticulture
  Interior plant care
  Organic growing

The site needs to be prepared to receive the plant at the right time of the year. The soil should be cultivated to produce the appropriate structure and tilth and base dressings of fertilizers applied. Plants should not go into the ground when it is dry, waterlogged or frozen. After sowing or planting out, care has to be taken particularly with regard to watering and weed control, also with protection from pests and diseases.

Maintenance activity is ongoing (as anyone who looks after a garden will know). There are many things to do almost every month of the year to keep the planting in good order, including:
  • mowing turf
  • irrigation/watering
  • feeding
  • hedge cutting, clipping topiary
  • pruning trees and shrubs
  • weeds, pest and disease control
  • staking
  • dead heading
  • dividing perennials.

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