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Varanus Primordius


Mertens 1942
Blunt·nosed goanna

Varanus primordius is a very poorly known goanna that was previously considered a subspecies of V.acanthurus (Mertens 1942d.1963.1966). It is similar in appearance to V.storri but the spines on the tail are less well developed and there are fewer midbody scale rows; up to 66 in primordius and at least 70 in storri (Storr 1966). It is known only from the far north of the Northern Territory and possibly the adjacent parts of Queensland and Western Australia (Gow 1981; Cogger 1993; Storr 1980). It inhabits rocky areas where it shelters under rocks and in crevices. Other lizards account for the bulk of their diet, they are also known to eat orthopterans.lizards eggs and ants (Losos & Greene 1988; James et al 1992).

Attribution / Courtesy: Daniel Bennett. 1995. A Little Book of Monitor Lizards. Viper Press U.K.

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