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  Section: General Cell & Molecular Biology
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Cell Biology

     ⇒ Cellular Organization
     ⇒ Metabolism
     ⇒ Reproduction

     ⇒ Carbohydrates
     ⇒ Lipids
     ⇒ Proteins
     ⇒ Nucleic Acids

     ⇒ Chromosome Structure
     ⇒ DNA Replication
     ⇒ Recombination

Transcription and Gene Regulation
     ⇒ Prokaryotic Genes
     ⇒ Transcription Initiation and Termination
     ⇒ The Lac Operon
     ⇒ Eukaryotic Gene Regulation
     ⇒ RNA Processing

     ⇒ The Genetic Code
     ⇒ Translation in Prokaryotes
     ⇒ Translation in Eukaryotes

     ⇒ Types of Mutations
     ⇒ Mutagens
     ⇒ Chromosomal Aberrations

Bacterial Genetics and Bacteriophages
     ⇒ Bacteriophages
     ⇒ Recombination
     ⇒ Genetic Transfer

Recombinant DNA Technology
     ⇒ Cloning
     ⇒ Restriction Endonucleases
     ⇒ Vectors
     ⇒ Host Cells

Nucleic Acid Manipulations
     ⇒ Nucleic Acid Hybridization
     ⇒ The Polymerase Chain Reaction
     ⇒ Nucleic Acid Sequencing

Eukaryotic Viruses
     ⇒ Viral Structure
     ⇒ Animal Viruses
     ⇒ Oncogenic Viruses
     ⇒ Plant Viruses

Cell Communication
     ⇒ G Proteins
     ⇒ Kinases and Phosphatases
     ⇒ The Cell Cycle

Molecular Evolution
     ⇒ Early Beginnings
     ⇒ The RNA World
     ⇒ The DNA World
     ⇒ Phylogenetic Analysis
     ⇒ The Evolution of Eukaryotic Cells

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