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  Section: Anatomy of Vertebrate Animals
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Anatomy of Vertebrate Animals

Organisation of the Vertebrata Skeleton
» The Distinctive Characters of the Vertebrata
» The Development of the Vertebrata
» The Foetal Appendages of the Vertebrata
» The Vertebrate Endoskeleton
» The Spinal System
» The Cranial System
» The General Modifications of the Vertebrate Skull
» The Osseous Brain-case
» The Osseous Facial Apparatus
» The Appendicular Endoskeleton
» The Position of the Limbs
» The Pectoral and Pelvic Arches
» The Limbs of Fishes
» The Vertebrate Exoskeleton

The Muscles and the Viscera
» The Muscular System of the Trunk and Head
» The Muscular System of the Limits
» Extrinsic muscles attached to the pectoral and pelvic arches, on the dorsal aspect
» Extrinsic muscles attached to the humerus or femur, on the dorsal aspect
» Intrinsic muscles proceeding from the pectoral or pelvic arches to the humerus or femur, on the dorsal aspect
» Muscles of the Antebrachium and Crus
» The Muscles of the Digits
» Electrical Organs
» The Nervous System: the Encephalon
» The Modifications of the Brain
» The Myelon
» The Cerebral Nerves
» The Sympathetic
» The Sensory Organs
» The Muscles of the Ear
» The Alimentary Canal
» The Liver
» The Circulatory Organs
» Modifications of the Heart
» The Blood Corpuscles
» The Lymphatic System
» The Respiratory Organs
» The Larynx, and the Syrinx
» The Mechanism of Respiration
» The Renal Organs
» The Reproductive Organs

The Provinces of the Vertebrata - The Class Pisces
» The Ichthyopsida
» The Sauropsida
» The Mammalia
» The Ichthyopsida
» The Pharyngobranchii
» The Marsipobranchii
» The Elasmobranchii
» The Ganoidei
» The Teleostei
» The Dipnoi

The Class Amphibia
» In the existing Proteidea
» In the Gymnophiona
» In the Proteidea
» In the Urodela
» In the Batrachia
» In Proteus
» In Salamandra
» In the Urodela
» Other Amphibia

The Classification and the Osteology of the Reptilia
» The Chelonia
» The Plesiosauria
» The Lacertilia
» The Ascalabota
» The Rhynchocephala
» The Homoeosauria
» The Protorosauria
» The Dolichosauria
» The Mosasauria
» The Amphisboenoida
» The Chamaeleonida
» The Ophidia
» The Ichthtosauria
» The Crocodilia
» The Dicynodontia
» The Ornithoscelida
» The Pterosauria

The Classification and the Osteology of Birds
» The class Aves
  » The Feathers
  » The Spinal Cord
  » The Dorsal Vertebra
  » The Skull
» The palatine bones
» The quadrate bone
» The pectoral arch in birds
  » Fore-limb of a bird
  » The Ulna of a bird
  » The Pelvis of a bird

The Muscles and the Viscera of the Sauropsida
» The Muscles of Sauropsida
» Neurology of Sauropsida
» The Eye Muscles in Sauropsida
» The Alimentary Canal in Sauropsida
» The Heart in Sauropsida
» The Larynx in Sauropsida
» The Air-sacs in Birds

The Classification and Organization of the Mammalia
» The Ornithodelphia
» The Didelphia
» The Monodelphia
» The Edentata, or Bruta
» The Entomophaga
» The Non-Dediduate Mammalia
» The Artiodactyla
» The Ruminantia
» The Toxodontia
» The Sirenia
» The Cetacea
» The Deciduate Mammalia
» The Zonaria
» The Proboscidea
» The Hyracoidea
» The Rodentia
» The Insectivora
» The Cheiroptera
» The Primates
» The Lemuridae
» The Simiadae
» The Arciopithecini
» The Platyrrhini
» The Catarrhini
» The Cynomorpha
» The Anthropomorpha
» The Anthropidae


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